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Every home needs love and care. Like changing oil in your car, you need to maintain your home to keep it energy efficient, safe, and a healthy place to call home. With the cold months approaching some of us are excited to get out and use the great northeast for all it offers, others are wishing to stay inside and keep warm. Either way, you want to make sure your home is ready to welcome you and keep you cozy when those storms start to hit!

Please use this checklist to help prepare your home for the winter.

• Inspect siding/foundation for cracks
• Fix any open areas to prevent air leaks and rodents from entering the home
• Seal driveways, decks, patios
• Clean central AC unit and turn off Shut-off Valve
• Cover AC unit

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• Trim trees close to home and electric lines
• Winterize sprinkler systems
• Turn off water supply to outside faucets, drain, and open spickets
• Drain and store hoses for the winter
• Winterize your lawn-mower
• Prepare your snow-blower!

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• Inspect for loose/missing shingles and repair
• Inspect flashing for areas where water damage may occur and repair if needed
• Clean gutters, consider a leaf guard

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• Clean chimney at least once per year
• Check mortar between bricks to assure intact
• Cap top of chimney
• Store wood away from main home
• Clean wood stove thoroughly for optimum efficiency

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• Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors
• Check Smoke Detectors
• Have emergency first aid kit
• Check for working flashlights and keep them in a safe, easy to find place
• Have an evacuation plan
• Put ceiling fans in reverse mode
• Add insulation in under-insulated areas such as between walls, attic floor, basement ceiling, and around pipes.

• Inspect for air leaks
• Install storm doors/windows
• Install weather stripping in leaky doors and windows
• Consider plastic over old, drafty windows or Low E coating on windows
• Use rope caulk weather stripping on windows
• Use “snakes” at base of drafty doors

*Try using incense to find leaks. Light incense and walk slowly by doors and windows, if the stream of smoke wavers there is a draft.

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• Inspect and clean furnace
• Change Air Filter
• Remove flammable items from area
• Bleed lines for hot water systems
• Drain hoses/pipes for central AC unit
• Clean central AC unit and turn off Shut-off Valve
• Cover AC unit
• Remove window AC units and store
• Test your heating system before you need it!

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• There is a $1500 tax credit for new AC units, new furnaces, new doors, new windows and insulation purchased by 12/31/2010. Find out more information HERE.
• For each degree lower you place your thermostat you can save up to 3% on your heating costs.
• Dirty furnace filters restrict air flow thus increasing the energy demand.
• Using ceiling fans in reverse mode can cut heating costs as much as 10%.
• Storm doors/windows reduce drafts and thus can increase energy efficiency by 45%.
Click HERE to download a copy of this checklist!
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